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  1. Into the Mystic


    Panama City Beach- Early this morning I started brewing my coffee and decided to take a peek out the window.  Surprisingly, I was greeted with this mystical fog.  I immediately called my friend, and asked her if she could come over so I could take a few shots in this gorgeous foggy veil!  Lucky for me she was here in 10 minutes!  I eagerly grabbed my equipment and walked across the street.  Here is a little sneak peek of my mystic morning with my dear friend…

    Xx, Autumn

  2. Baby Jax


    Santa Rosa Beach, FL- Let us introduce you to adorable little baby Jax and his beautiful mama, Jenna, who is also our dear friend! This is a keepsakes session that we created especially for them! Our inspiration came from the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill. Jenna and baby Jax did such a great job!  This evening turned out so perfect with the combination of a gorgeous sun and it’s rays shining down. Jax was brilliant! He is such a happy baby and grinned his big, beautiful, and contagious smile the entire session! Just see for yourself…


    Autumn & Amy

  3. Ali & Izzy | Bridal Portraits

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    Bridal Portraits | Ali + Izzy

    Santa Rosa Beach, FL.- Meet the lovely Ali and Miss Izzy! Ali is the gorgeous bride-to-be and Izzy is the stunning horse we got to work with. This was a cheeky little bridal session we had the honor to capture. Ali looked amazing in her gorgeous white gown on this rainy day. The clouds were enormous and grey, the sun was hiding, and the wind was joining in on the shoot; but to be honest, Amy and I were loving the clouds and did not mind risking a downpour at any moment. Thank you Ali for getting all dressed up, and letting us take you on a little adventure! Enjoy!


    Amy & Autumn

    horse and bride bridal portraits
    bridal portraits